Mifare Tags reading

Hello everyone.
I have been working with some extensions to read Mifare tags through NFC technology.
I have used extensions given in the forums and they work fine in Appinventor, but when using them in Kodular they present errors that I am not aware of. I am looking to obtain the UID of the tag read.
Does anyone know or has something similar happened to these or other extensions?

I know that these extensions do not work in the Companion and that they only work on the screen1, so when trying to open the app installed on a physical device it closes immediately.
I appreciate your time and help

I had the same problem. Sorry to say, but I had to remove that extension. I guess it crashes the app and doesn’t actually work. Android version might be a root cause?. NFC standard component didn´t work for me either. So I guess, NFC is not being quite supported.