NFC - tag: non-NDEF help getting tag UID

Hello everyone, I have a tag that his types is “isoDep” and “NfcB”. What I want to do, is only to get the tag ID (UID). I tried with kodular and app inventor and understood that they are not support.
My question - someone can help me to make it possible with some Java please? or other solution will accept in welcome.
(apps in the play store works but I cant go to app in each time that i want to read tag)

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Please stop spamming the forum by posting the same thing in old threads.

@deanart2012 Spamming!!! are You serious?, in months nobody gave a serious answer about NFC to the people the asks about this. I developed a FREE extension to use NFC tags I studied a lot for this and simply I tought it was a good idea to share mi experience. Dont’ worry I don’t think to waste my time here

Create a new topic for your extension, don’t revive old ones.

helped me a lot, thank you!

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