Minimum sdk problem in my application

In my apps I have selected the minimum sdk 19 but when I am uploading to the play store it shows the minimum sdk 21. Can someone please tell me why this is happening? And for this reason ! my apps support very few devises that are causing me a lot of problems. please help me

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because google play is stop supporting lower sdk devices.

I didn’t understand… Please tell me details.

If I’m going to guess since there’s not much to go on, you probably are using some components that needs min SDK 21

What is the component? I use Facebook ads, webviewer, kodular sidebar, some button, some lebel, activity stater, dialog extensions, notifier, in app update, onesignal,

See above :grinning:


One or problem in my new app

Now 01 November 2019 Facebook are not approve my new app. When i request new app for monitazition then after one day thay are rejected my new app but before some day thay approved my all applications. I don’t understand why my new app not approved?

I didn’t find information about this component in Kodular Docs

Then I will start writing

This is totally a different question and not related to this thread in any way

Secondly, this is a question you should ask in the FB forum if they have it

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