Minus and plus text size with floating buttons

I want to have two floating buttons in my app one to increase the text size and other one to decrease. So far now i reached the point where it can works with only one click with set up only one fixed text size number, pls i need help i want to it to support double click to continue increment in size till the last size number given
blocks (4)
blocks (3)
blocks (2)

Please help, i really try many methods none of them work

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It seems like no body want help me :joy:

This is just simple thing… Why dont you try like this? May be some more shortcuts be there
Font.aia (8.7 KB)

Thank you, your method is good and it’s working perfectly but it can not work with many label, i want procedure that can works with all the labels i have on the same screen

Perhaps you can try and adapt it?

You could try

Font_1.aia (8.6 KB)

You didn’t post like that in earlier post. Just simplly asked to I or decrease. So I designed like that. If you asked it earlier I might have provided it …

If you said how many buttons, and whether they are in dynamic or ordinary. No info like that

Also here is an example with labels created either dynamically or not

Font_2.aia (38.7 KB)

Thank you very much i modify my app arrangement i use the first one that i marked solution on it. Through your help i understand that it is unnecessary for me to have many label i use only one label now and only one vertical arrangement thank u thank u, it’s working good now


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