Missing data from TinyDB

Hi Koders!

In my app, sometimes its necessary to retrieve some data from TinyDB with a “for each item in list” block that may contain 20 or 30 items and each item has 7 inquiries to the DB each. This data is necessary to create some Dynamic Components. You can see them in this image:

Sometimes happens that some tags are not find, but I’m sure this data was correctly stored, because the missing data happens after several retrieves of data, randomly, or sometimes never happens. The missing data is always the name of the asana (posture). When the name of the asana is not found, the logo pic is loaded.

Any hint about this problem?

It could be a lack of RAM memory or speed of the processor? I think this is not the problem because when a tag is lost once, it will never be loaded again.

There is any reason that could delete a TinyDB data or change the tag randomly?

Any idea will be more than welcome. Thanks in advance!

can you please send yourblocks so that i can see where you have gone wrong.
And also One More Suggestion. Use Airtable instead of Tiny DB to store the Asanas [Just a Suggestion :p]

Hi! Thanks for your interest.
I send here two blocks, the first one is used when you select the asana in the list of asanas, and the name and image of the asana are saved. The second one is for retrieving the info of a whole session of practice, with all the asanas in it.
I think the problem is not the blocks, because they work fine normally. The problem is that some data is missed without a reason. Or without a reason I can figure out, of course.


Try Clearing trash files on the device
but still i suggest you to use Airtable. it will make data storage easy.
or using firebase set each device id as a bucket and store each session data

Also are you sure you have stored the value of all tags you are calling.
if any tag does not exist then it will be blank

also try testing with another device

I have tested many devices and the problem appears in all of them, randomly.
I don’t want to use Airtable, because I want the app to work even without connection or bad connection.
The problem can’t be that the values are not stored, because the sessions usually works, but eventually the name of one asana is missing.
Thanks for your advices anyway.

Ok Another Best Option Would be to Use MySql if you want. It Uses Device Memory and not app memory. Try it. Refer the Below Guide

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Thanks, I’ll give it a try.