Multi spotlight one after another when screen instalize

Hello can u help me, i need to create multi spot light one after another when screen instalizes rather then when button is clicked, i was successful in making only one spotlight but multi spotlight gave me some difficulties

Next time use :mag:


Whats the last block i couldn’t see Cuz its cropped


Thanks a lot i learned to use spotlight feature too

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How to slove, it’s showing every time i am opening app

Use tinydb to check whether it is first run it not. If it is first run show the spotlight if not just proceed to the next step…

It worked thanks

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It is not cropped. There continues another ElseIf which is the same as the previous ones. You use as many ElseIf as components you want to use.

There would follow another spotlight with an ID value of 3, and then another spotlight with ID 4 and so on.

Here is an aia file that explains how it works.
HowToSpotlightSecuence.aia (3.9 KB)

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