Multible Rest API -URLs with one Web Component

HEllo guys, i want to know if it is porssible to make more as one API call (get) with one WEB component.
I dont know how to do that. In Firebase you can call different Tags with one Firebase Component. I wanted to load 15 different values, which comes in JSon format. And i dont want to use for each API call a extra web component but i dont know how to load more as one with one component.
If someone know that pls let me know.

You can do that.

i also want to call different value with one component :sweat:

it will be nice if we can call data with ID

Yes you can. However there is one thing you have to be careful of.

To do it:

Just setup your variables,
Then setup a loop and you can use the same Web1 component to walk through each of your different get requests. Just reset the URL to the new request target each time, and then launch a new get, request.



You can only have one when web1 Got Text response methods. So it has to be setup as a one size fits all. This can be done with conditions, and other logic. You just need to plan it out properly.