What is the best way to use Web Component


I wonder about Web Component… What is the best to use Web Component more than 1?

Lets say, i want to call many link using Web Component… if i have 3 web link to call… so i use 3 web component

Web1 URL and GET Link A, Web2 URL and GET Link B, Web3 URL and GET. and Link C

There is other solution by using just 1 Web Component? just like

Web1 URL Link A and GET Link A, then after that use Web1 URL Link B and GET Link B etc.

Thank you for your help

No one component is okay.
Create global variable named current_request.
Before calling any api or url just set this variable its name like making call for images then set this to images and on event of webcomponent check this via if else statement like
If current_variable === images
Then do this
Else if current_variable === something
Then do this


Like this -
blocks (7)
blocks (2)
blocks (3)
blocks (4)


the alternative solution is to use 3 web components

Thank all, for reply and wonderful information…

What i got from @ShaikhSajidAli (@ADDYLIN) and @Taifun have same result… are im correct?



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Thanks all, you can close this topic… thanks for help

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