Multilingual Book Apps

Apps Name: Multilingual Book

this is just a simple application that describes my hobbies, reading and writing. Actually this is an “adaptation” of the application I made with sketchwere, I just added a few simple features that might be the app’s appeal.

Screenshots and feature:

  1. Simple And clean Design

2. Easy Navigation - Back and Next Button, Page Indicator, Search Box for finding page number

3. Bot Reader - Text To Speech

4. Multilingual (need Internet Connection) - Google Translate Plugin with some modification (just html document)

5. Auto save - save your last page when exit the apps, or force close

App Store/Download link:


  1. If you have any suggestion to improve this apps, or you find bugs please tell to me.
  2. sorry for now i can’t share aia file
  3. hope you enjoy this apps and c you on next apps

1 - This app WAS NOT made using Makeroid;
2 - This section is called Maked app, so it’s fair to be used for those people who is using Makeroid to create apps, not in other platform.

Because of it, I am unlisting this topic right now.

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okey, i’m sorry for that. but i’m sure i maked this apps using makeroid bulider. so what’s the reason for unlisting it? because i used google translate plugin? okey, its just on html document asset, if you want i can share aia file to you but on pm not here, so you can see the asset

hmmm ok, it’s not necessary to send AIA. I’m gonna list again.

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Thank you for your attention :sweat_smile:

Attractive , can you share how have you used Google Translate Plugin ?

You can please share that how to use Google plug in app makes by Makeroid then it will be helpful for me and others also

Of course, but not now. Son as possible, 'cause I’m busy right now. I’m preparing my blog design, :pray:

Pada tanggal Sen, 8 Okt 2018 4.02 PM, KrishuTech [email protected] menulis:

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