Multiple firebase sign in that call specific spreadsheet in airtable

Greetings folks. Is it possible for kodular to make each user sign in using firebase to call only specific table in airtable? I am developing an app that enable each user to add data into airtable. But I’m stuck at this part because now I only use a table to store all users’ data. So all user has access to the same spreadsheet in airtable. I want to avoid this. Someone please advise or guide me. Thanks.

You are talking about firebase and airtable in the same sentence. Which are you using for your app?

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Sorry i did not make that clear. Firebase is for authorization. Airtable for saving the data.

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you need to make a row for every user, like make 4 columns (userid, name, email, pass) and when you get column, check if user id exist in list(got column), then get cell in name with index of that item in list(got column)