Multiple Listview design by dynamic components extension | Guide

Soory currently working on extension but when I will free I will do till then please pm a exact design images

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Okk. :relieved::relieved:
I am also making an extension right now.

Creating schema is not such easy from python

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actually i am creating a contest list so each contest has different end time .i am tried to store end contest time in in list but how i compare this time in dynamic list which running countdown…please help in my project i can pay you .

how to create own schema template?

Helpful guide…

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I already done same like this.

How to use with firbase realtime database ?

Can you send me scheme for this

Can you send me scheme or json of this

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which type of color code use in schema

Integer color code are used in schema
You can use Color Utility component for getting int value of hex colors

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Use json and XML tool which is available on play store for schema design.

I emulated somethimg like that

@Sumit1334 Can you provide me more type of Schema?

I need an Schema for my App and tell me the way also of implement it correctly :innocent: :pray: :pray:

you can do this automatically Tutorials from a-z, How to create schema templates with DynamicComponents and Python

sorry for my lack of knowledge, in Shopping List if I wanted to change the image of the heart with another image, how should I do? I tried to change the favorite and favorite_border entries but I didn’t get any results. Can you kindly help me please?

That heart icon as you see from schema is actually a label that uses as Font Typephase, material icons so in order to change it go to Google Fonts and choose another icon for example changing favorite_border to lock, heart icon will be replaced by a lock


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thank you, you are very kind, now I did it. My mistake is that in Google Font I took the name of the component above and not the one you indicated. Thanks