MusicX - Online and Offline Music Player - Paid aia

App Name: Online and Offline Music Player App

Platform: Kodular

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  1. Best icon and splash screen Design
  2. Home page Ui
  3. Slider showing Images of new songs
  4. Trending songs
  5. Artist Song
  6. Show songs with thumbnail, Song Name and Artist name
  7. Offline Music or My Music
  8. Search Music in any category
  9. Shuffle song
  10. Download online music
  11. Next song and Back song option
  12. Play and Pause music
  13. Loading before song load
  14. Test Ads
  15. Sidebar with share this app, rate us, privacy policy, contact us and an exit button
  16. No paid extension used

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Developed by Nanday and aiacart

if you want to buy aia file which is available on


nice ui :+1:

On my Galaxy Note 8 (Android 9) the music stops after about 60 seconds, when the device is in sleep (idle) mode (black screen).

Which music player do you use (ExoPlayer, TaifunPlayer, Player component, …) ?

See here:


The best player I guess.:wink:


… and that would be? :wink:

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The one with the best ui and splash screen. I think he is joking. In every aia @shubhamatole22 is claiming that it is the best. :grin:


Nice features :grin: :grin: :partying_face:

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Thanks… :sweat_smile:

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Awesome ui

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A post converted to AIA where only slight modifications are made :no_mouth:

Nice Ui :innocent:

Don’t forget to mention the extension names that you have used in this App.

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We Have ussed

  1. Taifun files
  2. Deep host Search View &
  3. AsignImageLoader
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On opening the sidebar, the app lag.

I also tested the app. Nice UI indeed . But on my Samsung A3 2016 with Android 7.01 the app is lagging terrible when I scroll up down or left right… (my internet connection ist full Power) when I open the side menu and click on my music this App crashes after a short time.permissions are all given.

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thank you for using the file extension, keep up the good work

PS: next time you might want to list the extensions you used before someone has to ask for that information. thank you…

Player is ExoPlayer.

I bouget an app from you, the app is not working.
Why you are not answering me?

I paid via paypal but did not receive the product