My Apk getting crashed after Fenix 1.5.4

My app getting crashed. I exported 5+ times. but still its happening.

used extension-

Where is the problem and how to fix it :frowning:


Click on the view summary button after the crash you see on the dialog

Copy And Post the bug report here

Do you use DeepHost’s MySQL extension?

Yes but maybe we should not talk about this here because of boban

Summery not showing actually

:sweat_smile: understood?

Most probably the error is caused because of that extension. Remove it and if error persist then post again here else contact the developer

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Deep Host saying something wrong with Kodular. When this problem will get fixed properly. I’m in danger now. I have to deliver my app to client. :sob: :sob:

A developer should always check as apk and stydy logcat to identify the issue

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Can anyone at least suggest me what should I do now? :sob: :sob:

Extension updated and problem fixed. Thanks @dora_paz @Anu10

I had no idea about web before when I started the whole project. But my project is about 20+ screens. I edit this so hardly .thats why I cannot use web component in whole project.

Avoid using that much screens… instead use multiple arrangements

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