My App can not get Image from Airtable Spreadsheet In Colintree and Dynamic Grid View

At first Greetings to all,
I had developed an app which includes colintree list view extension and dynamic grid view extension.
but my problem is that whenever I open my colintree , TITLE And SUBTITTLE are visible as I have created in Airtable Spreadsheet But IMAGE is not Visible.
I have attached some blocks pic and the screenshot of my app.
I know there is a mistake. but I can’t find it.
Please help me out of this problem and I’ll be very thankful.
Thank you

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Is this happening in live testing or built apk?

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Verify that the images online really exist.

There are links to images that the address does not end with .jpg or .png

If the link does not end with the image extension, the ListView may not load it.

For example, this image is taken from a google search:

The link does not end with the photo file extension (.jpg)

If you put it in a browser, it works:

But on a ListView it doesn’t work

Check the links to the photos, make sure they’re all right.

For example, svg files don’t work in listview…

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Have you checked how the link is returning? In my app when I change Json to “list of list” the URL returns broken and I have to fix the link using a “join” eg:
url returned: http: [{ [image.jpg
url with Join:
Another thing, try this, it worked on my project:

Set false High Quality Images

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Thank you .
yes I change all extensions into .png. but it did not work.
but whenever i unchecked the HIGH QUALITY IMAGES it worked.
thank you for your suggestion.

in both cases.