Image takes a long time to appear in the list created with colintree list

Guys, this is a wallpaper app, at startup enters the screen with the varied list of images, the problem is that it takes too long, the screen starts and the images take a long time to look like it crashed and the person may leave the app thinking that it won’t nothing appears. Does anyone have a solution that helps me?

You can use any paid extention to load image fast or must be enable asynchronous imageloader in your colintree listview.

How do I enable the asynchronous image loader on your colintree display list?

Watched and already activated.

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That will be help you to load image fast

try image utilities to asynchronous images.


May i know if you’re loading images from assets or online?

as i can see in his blocks he is using online images(url stored on airtable)

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are images online

Someone give me your email so I can send the aia to help me, because I can not send here in the community because it has paid extension.

You should use two column to store your wallpaper resources. In first one you store low quality image & in another column store high quality.then load wallpaper from low quality column & then when user trying to download give him high quality column resources. (Sorry for rip English) or must be used an paid extention. For more information pm me

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The image issue has been fixed, but now the app when installed it gets slow. Can anyone give any tips?

RWGWallpapers (12).apk (7.6 MB)

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