Async Image Loading Very Slow

Loading Image Via Async is very Slow and takes a lot of time. The Internet does not seem to be used for a while and then later used while loading the images Directly is Faster and Uses Internet Immediately . These are my blocks :


Async is not slow :smiley:

It just returns the result the a image is real loaded.
Sync image load will freezes your screen until all is ready.

With async your screen will not freeze.


True But on some instances it wont even load ever

It will always load until a error happens.

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But users may think nothing is happening. I have 10Mbps Internet But The app Does not even use 10Kbps… It’s like lazy to load :smile:

Any tips on making this faster?

It loads Faster in Companion like Instant but in Final Build it is so Slow

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It doesn’t depend on companion or built apk.

It just depends on the internet speed and cloud bandwidth (If you use images from cloud)

And If you are trying to load the picture in the device and still loads slow… then some thing might be wrong…

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It Clearly Does for me.

Yep Something is wrong. In the Final Build It is not even Using internet to load. I checked the Internet Used and its at 0 to 1 kbps while In Companion it is at 400Kbps to 600Kbps.

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anything on this? progress etc?

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I used this extension and it worked fine