Images not showing when online

In my app, images are showing when offline but not during online.
Maybe its all because of high resolution images. Is there any limitations (like size, quality) for images to load properly?
Mainly it occurs with higher android versions (above 8).

yes, it is what is your image’s resolution?? Try with smaller images

And show your blocks

I haven’t done anything like when network connected or else. So I believe that there is no problem in blocks.

just show your blocks and provide the aia file

Where do the images come from (assets, external storage, internet)?

They are from assets.

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Then there should be no problem whether there is a network connection or not.

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can you provide the aia file please
so we can check out the problem

Some time images take 4-6 sec depending on your app size

I think the app is bulky. I have also connected to airtable and other online platforms. So I think it may take time to load images during online.
Do you believe this @bodymindpower

But you told us the images are in the assets …
Do you get this issue with compiled app (APK)?

Yes images are in assets.
Yes I get error with compiled apk.

post a test apk that reproduces this issue

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Ok I will do it later.