Images Don't Load After Closing And Reopening The App!

When I open my application for the first time, the images used in the application loads successfully. But when I close the application and reopen it does not load.

If I clear the app from recent apps & reopen it, the images again loads successfully!

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I’m having the same issue. I was in the process of making my images smaller, but now seeing that you are also having this issue with that very small image makes me think it might be another issue. What size is that image (in px)?

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how do you load the images?

The Size of the images is 50px

the images are set on image component in default!
I didn’t used any blocks for the images to load!

you might want to provide a test project as simple as possible, which shows that issue, so someoe can check…


Hi Taifun, testing, when I shut off my internet connection the image (logo) in me homescreen does not load. Is this suppose to be the case? I thought since the image is in My app assets it would not need to rely on internet connection to show the image, am I wrong?

No, post a simple test aia that reproduces this issue.

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Use material icon fonts so that you will note face such issue @alraakib