Collintree and Collintreeview

Hi Guys and girls is the a better wat to make this work.
I Have been trying different things but with no luck to get it working.
The way it is its working but there must be a better way to do this.

Advice much needed.

List.aia (60.2 KB)

Attache The Blocks And Screenshot

ok, i am checking your aia, wait

Btw what are you trying to do with these lot of lists?

I have got one menu.
If you click the menu the next menu will show up, from the you can select a option that set something vissible.
If you select another item from the menu it has to show another list with other options.

but you are setting all listview to show in initialize

your aia is not loading here,


Thats why it is frustrating I have been trying for weeks now, but somehow I just can’t fiqure it out

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This was made in Appybuilder

ok i try it in appy builder, and check how to fix that

:heart: Thanks for that

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you have to arrange every list like this, this is just i arrange first list for you, try to make all lists like this,

List_Fixed.aia (72.6 KB)

and also your app dont have any images like you set in blocks Folder01.png, upload all that images in project

Yes there are more images but that’s not important at this moment

ok, try like my method as given and also in fixed aia i make a template for menu list, set all like that, and they will work

Just remove KitchenSink component or wait for staff to add AppyBuilder’s components so you can migrate it.

It does less the before, it only shows the menu and not the next thing when after an item is selected from the menu

i just arranged the first list, and shows the method, like this way you can manage all lists and then other will work, if you want me to configure full , then i will configure full and send you later

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Check this,

List_fixes.aia (74.6 KB)