CollinTreeListView how to set list

I would like to transfer the data displayed in the listviewer to collintreeListView. is that possible? if I use the collintreeListView set list block, that somehow does not work.
Can someone help me please?

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Perhaps this could help you

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thanks but i have no airtable table. does not help me.

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Kindly watch this video


I dont have spreadsheet or airtable. Please look at the picture with my blocks. Thats how i create the list in globalList

Kindly watch full tutorial, i explain both methods with airtbale and without airtable or spreadsheet.

but I do not want to make a new list with text blocks as in your example. I would like to read the information from globalList.

why dont you follow this link -

this page has all the necessary block example to make a list view using colin tree list extension

I’ve already seen that, as well as lists are made with make a list and text blocks. I HAVE GLOBALLIST! I give up. Nobody seems to understand me here, that’s a pity.

Your blocks are wrong. If you want to use ColinTree ListView then you don’t need a built-in ListView component. Simply add a Vertical Scroll Arrangement in the designer and when screen is initialized, use “Initialize Scroll” block from the extension and then you can use “Set list” block.



Thank you very much, I’ve already tried that, that does not work. please look at my pictures as my list is structured. if I do it like in your example, only an empty list will be displayed. I like to send you my aia so that you understand what my problem is. the information in the list is put together by several text fields

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It’s difficult to understand what is the problem. Can you show picture of all the blocks?

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Meteoriten.aia (159.2 KB)

I would like the list to be presented more beautifully than now. Name separately and with the possibility to add and display a picture. thats why i want to use collintreelist

if you don’t know how to use it properly then don’t blame others, i mostly use colin tree list view extension and its very easy to use,
i have made a list view like shown below using the block given below

in this image 10 will be replaced with the length of the list you have. and with this block i have created something like this -

i hope you understand now how to use colin tree extension.

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Thank you but also you have not completely understood what my problem is. I do not want to create a new list but show the data of an already existing list (tinydb) in collintree. but thanks anyway

And I think you don’t understand my answer too… Colin tree extension has its own type of format to show list data… I showed you the format not the complete answer… You have to make your own adjustment on that to make it work…

If you are looking for help really then show screenshots of compiled apk.
It seems that you have not compiled apk.

above is a picture of the compiled app

How can I get selected item ‘text’ from ColinTreeListView like kodular list view ‘listview selection’. I tried ‘get element element index’ but it’s not working