Images not loading, Airtable

I have to load images by clicking next button.
I have 5 images in airtable database. But showing only first image whenever clicks on next button. Screen shots are added below. Solution please

The kode seems correct…
Things you can do to solve this problem…

  1. check if the image link isn’t same
  2. post an aia to let us check it
  3. …
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No empty rows

But you have empty cells

Where. Ihave posted airtable image

Delete notes and attachment columns and try again

Deleted it. But not fixed

Here is app aia

Logo.aia (3.2 KB)

Your aia works fine. I can see all the photos

I have checked now. When app starts one image loads. If Clicks on next button then Image will show after some time. 3rd,4th and 5th image are loading fastly when click on next button.

It takes time because you load your images from a url and not from assets.

Only problem for second image. Any solution to make it fast?

reduce size of uploaded image, try editing size of pic, like a 300x300 px image loads faster and if pic is like 150x150 px if you want just a preview not a hd image, then it may shows like within a click, try reducing image size.

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Or download all the images to a folder in the first run and don’t use the urls anymore.

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How download it to users phone in a seperate folder

You can make some changes to the blocks


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