Why Airtable Image Not showing?

Please Help Me why kodular Image not show database in airtable

This Block I Call Image from airtable

This Block I Call From Variable Image 1,2,3 And I set Image1 To show Variable Image1


This Airtable Db

This Show In Colintree listview

and click it and image not show whyy??

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Make sure with width and height of the image. No wrong with your blocks , problem due to either visibility or size issue only may be

Ok Wait i tryit

I have adjusted the size of the image but it still doesn’t appear?? plss help me

Try To Use Image Utilities Component

ok wait i try

same, image not show

Can you share us demo aia or check this asynchronous method of loading images

ArsiLibom_STORE.aia (1.1 MB)

Oke this aia demo pls help mee

ArsiLibom_STORE_1.aia (1.1 MB)

Okeiii Thankss Veryy muchhh broo :grinning:

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Have you tried it before posting aia ? Because all I did was to use image utilities …

and … it worked

Maybe you will need a new keyboard? It seems to be broken.

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