My app is release : Next Authenticator

What is the name of your app?

Next Authenticator

Describe your app:

My app is like Google Authenticator but with a new feature : you can enter a password or your fingerprint on order to access to the application.

It is possible too to make your own design,


App Store/Download link:

It is available on the Google Play Store here

Next step ?

Which feature so you want I add inside my application ?
What is missing for you or what can be helpfull for you ?



Thx dear, Ur app is in french language i can’t understand. I need signin / signup option with email, signin with google and mobile with the option that user can access of app for 30 days and after 30 days i can disable him.and will give a message to him that he if he want to use my app he should have purchase 1 year premium plan.Can u add these functionalities in it. Or can u provide me ur aia file so that i can understand something.

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Hello @ahmadsaeed841,

I have seen you topic and I have answer on it, you have to set variables in tinyDB for example with the date of the first connexion and compare the current date with this one.
You can do it when the Screen1 is initializing for example
What did you do untill now ? have you make any tests ?

And for my application, yes, it is in my todo list to translate my app… I am working on the design for now, this feature will come in the second time.