My app is so slow in some phones


Thanks so much for the kodular team, my transition from using appybuilder to kodular is very easy and with a lot more extensions.

But i’m facing issue in my first release using kodular, my app crashing or very slow or not responding in some phones. Some user reported from Xiaomi Redmi note 7, Heawei Honor, and as i try my self in Xiaomi Readmi 5A.

The issue is the app is very slow to swipe up and down even with proper device. I use in Samsung A50 and it’s ok, i think in many samsung device is ok but not in samsung with API level below 28, but in Xiaomi Note 7 is slow too (Android 9)

Please help solve the problem…

My blocks:

Please post your image in the forum, not in an external website. Also what does your app do?
If your app is faster in faster newer phones, that’s normal.

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Before the blocks are too big in size so i use external… now i’ve resized it. I’ve add more details in my question also.

Tell about the size of your assets? Images, sounds, etc.

The assets is:

I tried using xiaomi redmi 5A using companion is smooth when scrolling, but when i export to apk its sluggish, weird…

I think this could be because of memory inside the phone.