My app removed from play store after update

My app is a web view of my fashion store link made with

After fenix 1.5.1 update i insert facebook ads and submitted .Now they review and suspend my app

The reason they said is policy violation but my app is working since last one year since same webview and same domain .Any one pls suggest me how to re admit my app and that will work

Remove facebook ads?

They have al ready suspended my app.and the issue they said is web view but I am using same subdomaain in my app since last 1year

My app has been removed from Google Play - Play Console Help.

Google doesn’t like apps with only a webview. Especially when you try to monetize them with ads.


Read the email and understand the policy that Google cited that your app has violated.
It probably has nothing to do with Kodular. Here are a few policies that WebView easily violates:

  1. API policies like YouTube API - If your site has YouTube video, in WebView a times the video can continue playing in the background which is a violation of YouTube Policy. You may also monetize the app with YouTube video playing and your ads are also showing, that’s another violation.
  2. Your app is an online store and I can see you have integrated payment options, google never like it when people buy goods from your app through other payment options except Play store Billing API.

Those among other policies usually cause confusion during app reviews leading to suspension or declination of app approval So my advice is that you reread the email, know exactly what policy they claim you violated, let us know about it then we can assist you. .

And your question is. The problem is clear. Before making an app you should educate yourself if Google will accept it. A lot off users only think about making money while using products from other people. Google doesn’t like that.

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I am not saying that kodular is related to this removal but I need suggestion from you guys.

According to google i am using the content of but I have register with bikayi app .Listed product on my store made with bikayi.then i use the store link as my webview url .

Did you tell them you are the owner of the website?

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No …I am not the owner of
But I own the store on bikayi i.e
Bikayi | trendS

This store .

What about getting permission from the owner !!

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Does not work this way, if you don’t own website then you need permission from website owner. You cannot render others websites.

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This web site bikayi app provide online store

I register on that with all my detail and they provide us link to share of our store …
I use the link and made web view

You can use link but you can’t render it in webview.
Amazon affiliate program also work like this, you can use generated link but can’t render it.

Then what can I do …I have many download more than 2.7 k

Try to contact the owner for permission by their given contact form

You can make your own shopping catalogue app and add buy from button.
Basically redirect traffic from your app to website without rendering it in webview

Okay means I have to purchase premium plans of bikayi

No …bikayi is just providing ready-made store .On which we can upload our product and sell.but they provide us our individual store .

That doesn’t mean that they are allowing you to render their website.