My apps are not being approved by the Kodular ADS panel system

Já enviei vários aplicativos para a análise do ADS PAINEL, porém, todos estão sendo rejeitados e nenhum aprovados. Anteriormente eu criava os anúncios nos mesmos formatos e sempre sue certo.

Oque está acontecendo? Quais suas politicas de anúncios?

What kind of apps are you building?

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Those that were rejected were, respectively: Harp Crest, shop.

Do you know the reason?

A Kodular staff only can help you understand the problem… I only can remind you to check if you’re not violating any rules…

Yeah. I already checked with the google guidelines and everything is fine. However, I’m being barred by Kodular policies, whose I don’t even know where to see them.

Do you know any links for me to consult them?

You should read this …

The Community language is English

We’re sorry to hear your apps were rejected. Here are some reasons why we might reject apps

  • Description is not in English (it’s difficult to approve your app if we can’t understand what it does :sweat_smile:).
  • Description is incomplete.
  • Description is unhelpful (we would like to see your app’s purpose in the description. Anything irrelevant that’s in the description makes it hard for us to approve your app)
  • Is a Web Viewer app (an app that contains nothing but a Web Viewer and monetisation components)
  • Is an earning/gambling app
  • Shows ads over third-party content (for example, ads over monetised YouTube videos)
  • Contains explicit material
  • Circumvents digital media protection safeguards (for example, apps that allow users to download movies/tv show episodes and YouTube videos)

If your app violates none of these, feel free to send a request again with a concise description, and we will surely approve it.

Happy Koding!


Hi guys! I have a project in analysis for monetization. The kodular projects are still approved? My app is already published in galaxy story