My Firebase Database is not working

Tommorrow my firebase database is working but today it will not working So please help me

You should also mention what is not working(getting value or storing data)
Elaborate more so we can help you

I cannot Store data when i put a data in companion but cannot see data in firebase

May be its blocks poroblem please mention your blocks or check your firebase url

you can see screenshot but i was right and my firebase url is also right but i dont know how it possible @Sumit1334

It is working fine for me!

Please post database screenshot and upload one pic of right click on device utility block and Do It

what are you telling i am not understand can you tell me by image because i am understand by image very well @Sumit1334

I want to say that right click on device utility ID block and click Do it
upoload a pic of that like this

And also database screenshot

But my do it button is not working why ?

Connect the kodular companion first then it will visible

Screenshot 2020-12-23 152959

what does it mean can you tell me??

Do it result is that the block has returned what?

Now please upload one database screenshot

Like that

As you have already said the url is right but I think the problem is in url or it can also happen. sometime firebase does not work with our internet

but my internet connectivity is good but why firebase is not working with my internet

I am not telling about connectivity speed

but why firebase is not working with my internet

It’s a very common error. Just replace dot . with empty string.

i have replace it bu .dot but i cannot see database data in firebase

Can you share your aia file with me ?