My Laggy Pc 😌 Need Help

So From Android Studio To Kodular
Everything Mostly Sometimes Lag in My Pc
I Had Recently Upgraded To Win10 But Now Downgraded To 8.1
What should i do
I have 4Gb ram And Intel i3​:sweat_smile:(my parents Have Money but they always refuse to change Specifications In Pc​:pensive:)
So what should i do should i upgrade to win10 or stay at 8.1 because when more than 5-6 tabs are open in chrome then it lags
And while using kodular
Which is faster 8.1 or 10​:sweat_smile:
With more and good features

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win 7 and 10, both are best, in my opinion win 8 is a garbage , 7 is much better for slower ram like 4gb, win 10 is little heavy and everyday new updates are coming and makes it more slower, so try win7

but 7 will have less features and i dont like it that much
so i think to go to 10
because you said 8 is garbage

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i dont update everytime
even i have disabled auto update in win8

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i use win8.1 and it works good.
but i have not installed any antivirus
so use win8.1 without any antivirus

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yes then win 10 is better,

hmm nice i have using 8.1 from many years and i have somewhat got attached to it,so i am not satisfied with 10 but i have to do:sweat_smile:
becuase it is old with less features as said by people

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Windows 10 gets more optimized with updates, and is the best Windows to date. @krishjha07 stick to Windows 10. Update 1909 should further increase performance.

Now for a better solution. I recommend you dualboot your computer. What does it mean? Shrink your partitions from Windows, to create about 100GB of unallocated space on your disk. Download and Live Boot β€œManjaro Xfce”. From there, run the installation, and mount β€œ/” on a new 30 GB ext4 partition, with β€œ/home” on a new 70 GB ext4 partition. You should get much better performance. :smile:


Short answer: Don’t use Windows.
Long answer: my raspberry pi running Debian GNU/Linux and dwm works butter smooth with Kodular.


[quote=β€œKanishka_Developer, post:8, topic:40219”]
uch better performanc
but it is so confusing
and about 1.5 yr ago i tried doing dualboot
and ended up erasing my all data with no windows installed :sweat_smile::pensive:
i had to go to cyber cafe to download new windows and make a bootable pendrive :sweat_smile:
from that day i never tried doing dualboot

Dualboot is easy to do as long as you follow the on-screen instructions properly. :slight_smile: Try again, because dualbooting is the best way to save an old PC.


ok thanks i will try :star_struck::blush:

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I Have Now Dual Boot
Currently Using 10:grin:

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What did you dualboot? How’s the performance?

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Same here windows 8.1 work perfect for me.

It’s time to upgrade to a new PC :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Win 8.1 And Win 10

Awesome,And Even If I Have Any Problem Then I Can Change Between 2 Windows

See Answer

And Not On 5-6 Tabs But sometime it lags
and when 4-5 programs are active at same time:sleepy:pensive:

Yes, I saw that, but at some point you would have to upgrade to a new PC

I can’t even count how many tabs I have, as I have many



Ya Someday:relieved:

:fearful:one day i would open more that it