My new Free DragGridView Extension


  • Tap and hold a view to begin moving it! Drag it between other views to rearrange them, and drop them in place.
  • Scales nicely to any screen size or resolution
  • Animates smoothly to indicate the rearrangement of children
  • Performs well, even with hundreds of children
  • Becomes scrollable when it contains more children than are visible
  • Can scroll even when a child is being dragged: just bring it to the very top or bottom
  • Easy to modify or extend!

blocks (1)
DragGridView.aia (17.6 KB)

DragGridView.apk (5.1 MB)


Thanks to @Shreyash for his super Rush .&
**thanks to @sumit1334 **
Suggestion and issue are welcome

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Thank You All


Interestingā€¦ What are the things seems to be impossible or made developers need to think a lot , becomes easy with your extensionā€¦ Great applauseā€¦ Good workā€¦ Consecutive successful , morever all are open sourceā€¦ Amazing work.


Very clever. A couple of thingsā€¦

  • a single click on a square makes it disappear ?
  • would be good if a single click on a square returned the text value (and didnā€™t make it disappear) :wink: ?
  • a clear / reset block would be useful too
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wow such a great extension and nice ideaā€¦

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Great extension @varsha :golfing_man:

*Drag working well to east-west, not for north-south.

  • would be great if add click event, image along with text.
  • and square edge corner adjust.
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please remember to follow the naming conventions