My News app Got Rejected. How to Fix

Play Store Rejected my App Due to(See Screenshot of mail )

It is asking for having Contact Information but I have added it in App .
You can see the 2nd Screenshot .

Please Help Me

App labeled as News app must meet all requirements listed on below site ;

I know and I have done those things but still rejected

This must be the problem checkout this:–

this is not

Can you provide apk we can see how it looks or if any error

Ok Newzastic.apk (7.0 MB)

It’s nice but make changes in ui I seems so dull

That I will improve Soon But what to do with Rejection ?

Your app is all fine but I am also now thinking why your app is rejected

Why do you want to use login?

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To avoid Spam People and to make app professionally

i think they are expecting contact information of the news publisher but you provided your own email-id.

I only upload the news

Try Removing publish news feature as the new should be updated daily by you not by the

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Users just upload news but it is not published . First I review the news and correct the language and then upload it .

yes i known but i am saying this could be a problem

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I got a Solution for this .
The Solution is "Just Change the News option to no​:rofl::rofl: "

Any ways congratulations

If you have a news app and declare to Google that it is not a news app then prepare to have your app suspended soon.