MySql database connection failed : Access denied

I am using MySql database extension with 000webhosting and trying to connect it but getting this error.

I am new in MySql. I have searched about it on community but not found anything.

I am getting this error : Access denied for user

This is my database details from database manager:

This is my uploaded mysql.php file in File manager.
All details are filled.

Screenshot from Kodular:

What’s wrong?

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I’m sorry my friend i can’t help you with Mysql.
I don’t know anything about that.
I hope you can solve it !!


Don’t worry, someone will help you here, be patient.
Without understanding the topic I observe that
On 00webhost db id14143031_sampledb and into you mysql.php
And picture with error at the end it says
Access denied for user ‘id1414301_maddekiran’@‘2a02:4780:bad:f00d::f’
Looks what wrong in this part, maybe it will help.

Edit: Check this…


Thanks for the guide.

I did exactly same as given in the guide.
I think problem is with 000webhosting.

The guide seems old, but who knows !!!
Looks google

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Check password and credentials

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Did you set sql key post block

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As you can see in above pictures everything is filled same as present in database.

I have set it from designer section.

Also i have tried by changing password, re creating database but getting same error.

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Change your hosting ,000Webhost is waste of time


Yes, it is waste of time.

Actual problem is with 000web hosting.

Good morning. Usually this message is because you did not give that user access to the bank. It also happens when the wrong username or password.

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So, before leaving this 000webhost, take a look at the Mysql admin panel. You are on the right track.

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No, i have no access to it also.

It is asking me for login when i try to login, they show me same error access denied.

BTW, its good evening here.

In 000webhost password for account and password of database is some time different.
So check both password and make a unique for both and try.
000webhost works perfectly for testing phase


What is that !? And how will database owners give access rights? :thinking:

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On many hosts they are that way.

Yes, passwords are different for both account and database.

I am talking about my php admin

You are entering wrong username your username is id14143031_maddekiran
Maybe same mistake with password also

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Yes. You must have access to phpmyadmin to maintain the database

Yes, i have already tried using both user names. Also tried by changing password in both mysql.php file and in database. But still getting error.

But getting access denied error.