Mysql database external to the app, problems with Google?

Hi, I am using the ‘set web.url’ component to pass data via the ‘post’ method to a php file that I have hosted on webhost (Select, update and other database calls are used in the file mysql with the provided data) and then in the application I show the response data in a listview.

  • Is there a problem with the policies in playstore if I am using an unknown external URL to the app ?.

  • And also, would you recommend using this way to manipulate data from a database? I would like the listview to be updated in real time but I couldn’t find a way to do this with firebase (each new record must have many values ​​eg: id, email, name, age …)


Will you put your app on the Playstore to use a database that is yours?
Multiple downloads of the app…

Select the primary key by clicking on the list view and return the data to be updated from the database. On in a spinner. Or text box search button.

Yes, the database will be on the server that I am going to hire, would have problems?
Sorry, I did not understand the answer.

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