Mysql with realtime error

I use mysql database in my app with Taifun mysql method and im use mysql database as a realtime data base and its work properly but error 1103


runQuery procedure are same as taifun method


Are you Connect ?
Use screen error ocurred block to test It.

what happens, if you remove the clock?
if probably is not a good idea to send the query 10 times a second to the server, is it?
also what happens, if you try a simple query as simple as possible without any further processing, for example SELECT * FROM Users?


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What is the minimum timer interval i set 1 sec or more ?

first get it running without clock

and if you really like to query the same over and over again, do it asynchronously, see an example of asynchronous processing here App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Webprefetch File by File | Pura Vida Apps

and next time you might want to answer the questions…