Error 1103: Unable to Post or put the text

How To Hide or ignore This Error any one please help me

Show your Blocks

Same for me, relating to a project without any Companion communication error last time I checked it (6 August).

Use Screen Error Block Set if error=1103 load data again .also you can dismiss the progress bar .its come several time if you are using mysql database with taifun mysql script ,

Are you using Firebase auth ?

Or a API ?

my server is gon downi just need to hide this error when my server (hosting ) goes down

iam using throu hosting

i am using web componet for run my sql querys


use this block . Screen Error Occurred . You Also Re Call Your Database … i am also this mysql since 1.5 year now


yeah fixed now thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:

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welcome …

If it helped you mark @jeettechnoguide post as solution

Is this how you can hide the toast message? Or is it just possible to just display a more understandable message to the user?

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