Name to Material Icon Block

Hi, I am creating a menu using side menu layout component. This menu has only common icons (already available by default as icons at any android device) like settings and search. So I would like to use these material icons instead of uploading assets exactly equal to those already available.
This resource was made available for buttons months ago: Button with Icon (Material)

I think it could be expanded to side menu and others components that could would benefit with these icons. For example, list view with images, notifier, etc.

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Or may be create a block (I forgot the most correct word for that, that’s why i made it in paint :joy::sweat_smile:) like this, which could be placed at any component who use images as icon, background etc:


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Maybe custom font for icons?

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I didn’t understand you.

For example, you can only use the default Material Icons, is there anyway we can change that?


No, the problem is exactly that currently is not possible to use the default material icons with any other component than buttons.

But I think I am misunderstanding you again because if I remember correctly you were the one who suggested this option to use material icons to buttons, so you know it already.

I changed title for better understanding :slightly_smiling_face:

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