Native advance Ads Available

Hey Developers!!

Finally Google Again Announced Native Ads In Admob Which are now Called as Native Advanced Ads Which is a very cool update for android Developers and some like me had no given this feature but i hope soon i will get it.

So I hope makeroid will develop the new components to add this Native Advance Ads Soon. We Are not in a Hurry , Take your time to develop but just clerify that will it be Avaliable or not.

(Even Facebook Native ads must be there)


How should we create a layout for this?! Everyone needs different kind of shapes and sizes…

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How many sizes are there in total.

Sorry but i checked on google docs of native ads but i cant find it

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Do you have any idea what native ads are? They are ads that have a custom layout


Sorry for that but you can choose some fixed layout with high demand like the normal square shape and other highly ised layouts.

Mean the componet has only feature of that 3-4 layout or sizes only…

Hope u understand and Sorry if ur now thinking I m irritating :no_mouth:

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And the Admob banner is the one that contains preset sizes. Maybe we can add that, but I am not sure