Need a aia for debug

Hello koders!

I need a aia file which crashs current when you open another screen!
I want to look into the bug if we fixed it or not.


Mika if we use close screen block then we will get error everytime…

Have you read what I wanted?!

Hi, here is my .aia file, my application has the problem that when I switch to the ‚ÄúRegistroUsuario‚ÄĚ screen, the app always stops.

The strange thing is that if I deactivate all the ‚Äúon text changed‚ÄĚ blocks on the screen ‚ÄúRegistroUsuario‚ÄĚ, the error does not appear, but I need these blocks.

Volvox.aia (998.0 KB)

Still need? If yes I will send it to you.