Need Advice From Indian developers regarding play console

hello everyone

Today i tried to open google play console account. but i am facing a lot of problems. i searched everywhere on internet. but nothing worked. actually i google play console only accept credit card but i don’t have credit card. i thought i could use debit card but i was wrong. i saw some videos on youtube that says to virtual credit card but i have read reviews and comments the virtual credit doesn’t work. so i need to know if anyone here i community has google play console then please tell me what method you used to payt the fee. i am searching everywhere but unable to find the answer please help me.
(getting a new creditcard in india is not so quick nethier easy so please don’t recommend that)

I’m under 18, and luckily my mom has a credit card, so that’s what I used. :sweat_smile:


i am 19 so even if i try to apply for credit card it will be rejected. :sleepy:

Bro. i have also faced this problem i advise you don’t search for credit card on internet just search in your friends or releatives.

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You do not need a Credit Card. If you have an Indian Debit Card and you couldn’t use it then just call the bank or Visit your nearest Branch and Ask them to enable International Transactions on your Debit card. Once they Activate International Transaction facility on your Debit Card you can Pay upto 2000Rs without OTP and Pay in $, etc


You can use SBI Visa debit card for Playconsole payment.

my debit card is international. and it works on other international shopping websites but it doesn’t work in developer console

The same problem with debit cards can not create an account
All you need to look for is credit card and patience​:wink:

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Can you Explain on what you mean by “doesn’t work”

my international debit card is not working on developer console. the error shows invalid card.

I faced the same problem months ago​:sweat: luckily my friend from New Zealand made my payment using his card. American Express :upside_down_face:

but that is risky isn’t it. because i have heared you can only create one account from one card.

Brother User Axis Bank Credit Card. Definitely It will Work…

Yes, it’s too risky. But he promised me that he will never use that card again in console payment.:relaxed:

i dont know if it work or not but you may try purchasing Google play card of equivalent amount and redeem it in payment option
First contact them before proceeding with any plan
you may also contact here for:
Problem with payout, payment methods, bank accounts or taxes

Nope, it’s not working. I tried it hundred times​:sweat:

that’s doesn’t work. i don’t why google has not added any favourable payment option for indian developer because i have seen i lot of people facing the same problem. :pensive::pensive:

i have a google play console account i don’t face this, I have used my Mastcard Debit Card

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what about contacting them?

they won’t reply there is always noreply mail from them