Need Help in my story app project

I want to create an app in which I can integrate stories written by me.
I want the text of the stories to be edited according to my will such as which word should be in bold letters and the color of the text etc. I want to set it according to me.
What should I use to display my stories.
I don’t know if I am clear here or not but I don’t know which component will help me in doing so.

Any help from u guys is appreciated.


You could use html pages inside a webviewer.

Thanks for this.
Let’s say I create a home screen and there are some permanent components like a card view with the title of book and list of different chapters of book which will work as buttons and that buttons will take the user to the next screen where they can read the stories.
Now how to design that texts and it’s background image etc.
Is there any way to upload texts I have already written somewhere, is there any component that allows to display text.
I am willing to keep the app for offline use no need of internet to access stories.

You can do all that with the sample i gave you. Upload the html pages and images as assets to your project. It works offline that way.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Hi Peter, earlier you said that there is no need of any extention here but then how to use that “Path to assets” block. Is it there somewhere in kodular?

If you study the blocks provided in above post Easy way to make an e-book you will be able to see that path to assets is a custom made procedure