Need Help In Property Apps (User Apps) & Admin Apps

I’m Still Beginner in kodular and i found the aia Property Apps File From open source and i Tried it there Was A Problem getting the location and the location didn’t apppear can you help me

If anyone can help please tell me which part I should replace or add something, I really need help

please add the code what you did

Ok This Block From user apps

Please Read The Topic Or Ask @Amit_Narwal

I have provided both the user+admin app source code and access to database
someone tried to add a new property category without knowing how to do it and did some mistake, that’s why you were facing the error
I have solved the mistake, now you can check your app

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The problem on this app is still. Someone may have again attempted to add a property. Can someone please assist. i want to see what the app can do.