Need help making bloks download files only one time

Hello guys, i need your help in making this happen:

see first this blocks image:

1- when screen1 initialize download all those files
i need to make this happen only for one time

i mean is i leave it like this, any time the user will open the Screen1 all the files will repaitre the downloads.!

i need to make the order of downloading files only one time only in (the first opening of the Screen1) or if this possible and it’s will be better: make the action of downloading files if the files is not in the smartphone…!

this mean if the user for example remove 2DOCUMENT.PDF the app discover this and make the order of downloading of the 2document.pdf only not all files

It is important to me is to make the files downloading only one time not always every time the user open the Screen1

thank you so much for reading all this and sorry for the Writinga Long, i just want all of you understand what i mean


Just check that it is first run or not and you can do what you want.

it’s run and the downloads is start from the first opening of screen1
need only to make it downloading for one time

I have two suggestions for you:
1.File downloading method needs to be corrected
2.When screen initialize and all files got downloaded then store a value in tiny db and if that value is in tiny then don’t download files else download files.

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if there any false how i can solve it
2- need help also in this step
you can download the .aia Of the project and solve it to me directly

Sorry but I am not going to do that until you will try something yourself.
Read that post a few times and I am sure you can do it.

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ok. let’s try and awaiting other replies

This has already been answered in the forum.
Use the search option before creating a new topic. (Here: One Time Download )

This is the solution:


That’s for downloading a file only once. If what you need is to see if the files are on the mobile, you need to check if those files exist on the Sd with the file component, with an IF…


great thing, i’m newbe here but i’ll try to find the solution for it :slight_smile:

i don’t find the “Global DownloadOne time” block in the blocks area !!
can you give me the project: .aia
or tike a screenshot for the place of the block


thank you Boban for your help… now i’ll try all this

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This does not work. You will only get the last pdf file downloaded (6document.pdf).

Possible solution:

  • zip the pdf files first,
  • download this zip file and
  • unzip it using the File component

or use several Download components, each for every pdf file.

you’re rigtht
only 6document.pdf downloaded!

as you sayed:
(use several Download components, each for every pdf file.)
this is what i’m trying to do:

and then named every pdf documents with specific name and make the downloaded file open by call it with buttons…

“the download action need it to be only one time”

this what i’m traying to do.

kodular admins please please add pdf extention to the tool we need it so much not only me but a lot of users here try to use external extentions for using pdf files… why you didn’t added even much users ask for it!

try something like this:

( contains 3 pdf files: test1-3.pdf)

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Thank you so much: bodymindpower ,can you reduce to me the time of copying all this and give me (if you can) the .AIA !

… unfortunately that doesn’t reduce my time :wink:
but ok, this time
project2.aia (153.9 KB)

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i ask you only to give me what do you do is the screenshot…
and you made it for from from scratch, you’re so helpfull
thank you so much

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