(Need Help) My Apps can not download

I made an web view apps. i used source code from this community Download Files From WebView Component With Correct File Name

i have only changed the icon, name and url to my site.

my site contains many link to my drive file. but when download button clicked, the download unsuccesfull.

Can you show your blocks?

Can you help me. I have share my blocks

Sorry. I was a bit bussy. If you send me the aia file, I can investigate it, becuase I don’t see any error on the blocks

Mang_cso.aia (1.1 MB)

I downloaded and installed your application. Everthing seems OK.

Try to download it on another browser. The problem is probably about your browser or device.

The apps has no problem installation. But when i download on ‘form dan blangko’, the download unsuccessful. My friends have also get unsuccessful download.