Download Files From WebView Component With Correct File Name

Hello Friends Finally I Fix This Problem:- How We Download Any File From Webview With Correct Type And Name?

                                                         **Some  Images**

Main Blocks

                                                              **More Information**

Test Apk:–Webview Download System.apk (5.0 MB)

Aia File:–Webview Download System.aia (31.2 KB)

For More Helps You Can Watch This Video–


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You can instruct: when clicking download and the file is downloaded to your computer and on this display the count

I have used this source code but i got failed download. i don’t know why. i have tried my.apk in many phone. Maybe you can help me.

It is work for me.
Thank you very much for making this AIA files.

I have done the same way as mentioned above. It shows downloading but nothing is downloaded or file is not saved . Experts Please help.

you got the solution? i got the same problem.

hello, pls helpme, and where is the dialogs1 extension located?