Need help of extension developer

Hi Extension developers,
I need help from you guys as there is extension named Drift by @Shreyash which is one of the best extension to listen gestures by which we can create lots of animation using that… but these day i am trying to create dragging means you can drag your content anywhere where you want…

So i need these two feature to be added in

  • When user touches any component which is same as nmd’s gesture extension
  • when user swipes on extension there is a event in drift extension for swiped left/right/up/down but it returns values when touch is removed i need event that canvas have that is dragging…

i have also requested @Shreyash to add these but he don’t have time to do it but he said if somebody is interested to add these to feature then send pr to github repo. He will happily merge it


Something similar to this :point_up: is possible with DragAndDrop Extension by @Ken :point_down:

Or are you looking for something different?

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something different
i am dragging component to anywhere you want and according to that extension you can move content from initial to final position…

you can take example of facebook messenger chat bubble


I don’t use fb regularly. And if I do I directly visit the site and not the messenger :sweat_smile:
So don’t have much idea of this :point_down:

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in short you can say that if i get block i requested then we can drag any component anywhere where ever we want
@Vaibhav we can create these too


Can this Extension help you ?
:dove: Floating View: float your component. [FREE] :dove:

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@Silver thnx you for you suggestions but using that we cannot make dragging slider

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To be honest, I didn’t fully understood your first post, Can you tell me exactly what you want to do?

@Silver read this one

@Mohamed_Tamer Send a sample video so that i can understand what it does

Ok…That’s a video of the ark…The two blocks do the same but horizontally and vertically

Btw, right now i’m not sure that this is what you want…

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Hi, i think you didn’t post in the right place :thinking:


But is that dragging where finger is moving?


@Mohamed_Tamer he want to move the component on user response.

Like we move the floating bubble of the screen recording app.


You want the user to drag the component in any place he want on the screen and not in another layout like drag and drop extension by ken…I can try to implement that too… :grin:


Now you can use my extension to make the component dragging without regrouping:

i will post a guide soon on how to drag components with :slightly_smiling_face:

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