Need help? Offline database

Hello, i made an application of song book around 300 lyric, store in airtable… Later, i realize that work on online mode only… But i need offline, can anybody help… And no need to update the data which is store.

You can use tinyDb to store data offline

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Is it possible to store around 300-400 lyric?

I haven’t tried it yet but probably yes…
Give it a try and see what happens

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Here is a Google Group topic about the limits of a TinyDB!msg/mitappinventortest/AX1gPrAcuvY/2PWHn_NxrrsJ


Is there any way to use airtable spreadsheet as offline mode?? Because i already finished the project and its hard for me to learn tinydb again…:grimacing:

No only option is tinydb and second one is export all your lyrics in excel file and import it in app this can help you third one is also possible if your database is in mysql then you can import that data and store offline using sqlite in kodular


@ShaikhSajidAli i think it can solve it. But i dont know how to do it… Any suggestion for easiest way…

What i want to create is show the title of song in a list and when title i click show the lyric…

So use tinydb for simplicity with two tags name and lyrics and store data in list in both tags respectively from index of name clicked you call index of lyrics to show

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Ok…i’ll make a try

I cant make it… Can you please show me with block or suggest tutorial… Because most of the tutorial were entrying and saving type.

ok i will wait

Blocks images

Aia file
music.aia (3.2 KB)

Mark solution if your problem is solved or pm me for more things

Thanks so much…but still have a question… What i want to create is songbook apps… So in this music aia we have to add from the apps only… How can i add the lyrics in the block and show only title and lyrics in the apps… Like book apps???

Where did you want to add title and lyrics from firebase or other db

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Like in the block… The apps will show the list of title and when title is clicked, the lyric will show…

Like this one…

If you have a time

  1. Do you have data in list form
  2. do you use listview to show data.
    I will send you pls confirm
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Yes i have in list… I already made in airtable spreadsheet…but it is only thats, i want in offline