Need help on this type of Json

Hello koders I need your help with this type of json data

I tried this method guided by @pepocero but from my end nothing is solved
Please Koders may you help me on this

This is what I tried but not working

This is the sample of what I want to get
I want to get

“microformat”: {
“playerMicroformatRenderer”: {
“thumbnail”: {
“thumbnails”: [
“url”: “”,
“width”: 1280,
“height”: 720
“embed”: {
“iframeUrl”: “YouTube”,
“flashUrl”: “”,
“width”: 1280,
“height”: 720,
“flashSecureUrl”: “Montana Winter Sunset - 15 Second Drone Video [HD] - YouTube
“title”: {
“simpleText”: “Montana Winter Sunset - 15 Second Drone Video [HD]”
“description”: {
“simpleText”: "View of the sun setting over Montana’s Gallatin Valley. This was shot back in January at about 15 degrees Fahrenheit; the Phantom 3 Standard flew like a champ! Was an incredible sight and there’s no color correction here if you’re wondering.

But here is a fulljsonArticles.txt (78.0 KB) I am using

Please help me to know how I can do it with this types of Data


Thank you in advance @dora_paz you are also a blessing of this community




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