Need help regarding app approval

I applied for my app approval in kodular but due to some issues in app i deleted that app and recreated again but my previous app was not approved still in pending and now i want to apply for my recreated app approval this message is showing anyone tell me what to do now?

You should not delete an app while is in pending stage. I will inform the devs to help you


I’m sorry but i didn’t know about this will happen

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Still my problem is there can i anyone fix it ?

Did You inform to Devs ?

As I said, I have sent a message

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How much time or days it will take?

This is something that I do not know, be patient


Ok Thank you

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my question does not need a new post.

Upon approval of the application, can we modify it and create several updates and also add ad units to other screens? .
.And also my application, I can not publish it on Google Play, is this considered a problem?

Thanks in advance .
Ali .
from Iraq .

Hi, I have the same problem. Can anyone help me?