Too long to my kodular ads approval

My app is not appeoved or rejected it is about 3-4 month .Now what can i do i want to get another app approval .But kodular says your one app under review

Is your app on Play Store?
You don’t need an approval if your apps are already on Play Store

No my app is published in Galaxy Store it still shows to request for approval

Well then why do you worry?
All adds showing on your app?

Ads are not displaying shows notice to request for approval

I am waiting from 1 week yet my app is under review

Mine one is under review for more than 6 months but still no any reply

wth are staff from kodular doing. I have seen so many such topics their staffs or any good support never seem to be helping out. They all get just into very interesting topics huh

I am going to see what to do. These people need to add a way to pull app out. Or all the projects will get qued up

I have 2 accounts in creator. I think in my one account one app is under review for 7-8 months or something

Yah kodular team is not responding to us . THEY are ignoring us

If I had playstore developer account it wouldn’t have been need. Most of koders have it so that maybe the reason why no one responds or have idea about what we are talking

I do not have but if you have then help me and publish my that app on playstore

Is there any public playstore account for koders

@Paras_yadav @Titan_geek

This is​:point_up:t2: your answer

Where i can find my app id
I sent my app for approval when it tooks 3 months i deleted that project but still showing your apps already under review

Ya mate I asked the question. And I declared it as solution :laughing: :sweat_smile:

@Paras_yadav Has your issue resolved now?

No my issue is still. I am trying to tesolve by making a new account . It is about 1 year but still have the problem