Need help regarding fetching data

Hey Koders I need some help regarding fetching data from Airtable. Here is what is want.
I have 4 column in my Table. Each column has 50 cell filled data. What is want is Get only 10 cells data from all column (P.S Fetched Data should not be repeated). I hope you get it what is said. If you have any issue with my query please let me know.

Do you want to get 1-10, 11-20…till 50 or every time to get 10 random items ?

Yes I want random items
If A1(Column A Cell 1) is picked then i want B1,C1,D1

  1. First get all data from airtable using dictionary method, after getting data’s show first 10 data’s only from the result,
    Upon clicking any button or upon refresh try to get another set of values…

No That’s not gonna work.

Sounds crazy… may be another will be there but I always suggest this method only to show the members or you can use vsh to show list of datas

Something like this ?

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Did you try that method? If so can you show your work?

Once you have made one random list you can get all others lists data according to the index in first list

If you wish upon refresh to be sure that no item will be included in random list again you have to use tinydb to store first random list and then check whether item is in that list or not

yes thats gonna work but there is something i want to tell. Suppose I have 4 column A,B,C,D. Each of them have 50 data.
If i’m picking 10 random cell data from column A (Let’s suppose A1,a33,A4,A8,A10,a18,a17,a39,a13,a12) and stroing in a variable . So I want to get same 10 Random Cell from Column B,C,D and store them in different variables

Will data from B,C,D columns use the same index as A for axample A3 → B3,C3,D3 or will it be A3, B25, C32, D4? If is it second case then you will have to do the procedure of each column separetely

Yes Same as it

If Column A Index these 10 random cells A(Column A) =a1,a33,a4,a8,a10,a18,a17,a39,a13,a12, Then Column B,C,D should also picked same cells like these
Column B =b1,b33,b4,b8,b10,b18,b17,b39,b13,b12
Column C =c1,c33,c4,c8,c10,c18,c17,c39,c13,c12
Column D =d1,d33,d4,d8,d10,d18,d17,d39,d13,d12

I recall a procedure created by @Italo which is perfect for what you want

Example Blocks

"Procedure - credits to @Italo