Need help showing airtable items in custom list

Hello guys can someone help me to get airtable items to show in dynamic list.

Just done with some of code but need to get itmes from airtable now to show in list

Check this guide and you will find the way

ya from there i get the dynamic list but need to get to show data from airtable

if not, you can try this method… ( I always recommend)

Try this

Attempt to invoke interface method ‘$context()’ on a null object reference

not work

this is from old list view

but i want to show in a new list

please help

Post here or pm me your aia

why need aia?

i dont realy want to share aia here for now

Ok then you can use do it to debug your blocks and find the solution, just follow above guides

is ok if create new poject and send that?

Have you registered the arrangement in collintree before setting list into it?

Can you show your screen init?

On button click, it seems your index is in the list block seems to be wrong… you are need to check the item with particular list (say global thump) but you are checking with some other. Pls see to that… debug the blocks one by one

in screen is nothing

Post a test aia here

ok wait need to build it

Bring it just before the existing collintree block and try

this is from old list

Here we go
customlistfromairtabledata.aia (39.7 KB)

thank you :grinning:

try this, i have redesigned the arrangement

customlistfromairtabledata(1).aia (42.6 KB)